CIS are a Husqvarna Certified Contractor.

CIS have currently completed all of the Target HiPERFLOOR Premium Specification jobs, these jobs have been signed off by a Husqvarna representative that ensures that all the HiPERFLOOR processes were carried out correctly and that the floor has met all Husqvarna requirements that ensures a durable, high gloss finished and low maintenance concrete surface.

We only recommend the use of Husqvarna certified contractors to ensure that a true HiPERFLOOR is achieved, ensuring consistency across Australia and New Zealand. With the finishes of the two Target stores (Craigieburn, VIC and West Lakes, SA), CIS have proven that using competent certified contractors consistency can certainly be obtained. Therefore we highly recommend CIS Flooring to any company for their Husqvarna Hiperfloor requirements.

Concrete Mix Design

Concrete shall be minimum grade S32 with shrinkage compensating additives. Coarse to Fine aggregate ratio shall be between 1.0 and 1.8. Course aggregates shall be of a non-vesicular  nature and classified as normal weight as per AS2758.1 with a water absorption not exceeding 2%.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

To ensure even aggregate exposure across the surface, insure care is taken when placing the concrete. Any screed bar & foot prints should be filled with concrete and not slurry as this will leave unsightly marks in the finished surface.

When possible try not to use a bull float, as the edges of the bull float can leave lines in the finished surface.

The floor should be lightly machine trowed to reduce undulations, the surface will need to be left with either a stippled finish or broom finish to ensure even removal of surface.